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After I left Salisbury, I went to Cornwall west, the west you go in England most. The district is filled with farms, small towns (I stayed in Lostwithiel population 3000) and small fishing villages.

Visiting - beautiful Cornwall region of England
Cornwall is usually referred to as a backwater of England and its inhabitants as rubes. His picture in England is like that of Kentucky or Tennessee in America. And just like there, the cliché is anything but true.
This simple lifestyle is what Cornwall is its charms and is one of the reasons why it has been the best place I have seen in England. I would have spent the whole summer here easily.
Life in the East near London is busy. People on the street rarely see each other, it's all business, and everyone is rushing somewhere. Keep your head down and go on your own way. In Cornwall, everyone was friendly, life was slower, the children could remain outside at night, and there is an abundance of outdoor activities. Although this difference of any rural / city comparison in the world could be said, certainly the analogy applies here and is why so many couples and families who move here from the Big Smoke.
was here I visited out my friends Matt and Kat. I had met while traveling Vietnam. They were cycling around Southeast Asia, and I took the lighter train / bus route. We met occasionally and even cycled the Mekong Delta together, although that proved a disaster. When I told them that I come to England, they were happy to have me and were great hosts who showed me tirelessly had to offer all Cornwall.
boats in cornwall
Cornwall, as it off, is very similar to New England. there On my first night, we went to this restaurant on the river for dinner. I had fish and chips (the best I ever had been), and a couple of their friends came and we spent the night away in the chat. The restaurant was located dotted with small sailing boats on a river bank. Overlooking the river, I felt like in the Hudson Valley in New York was only the accents of the locals are giving away the location.
This feeling stayed with me during my time in Cornwall.
The next day we woke up early (at 9:00 am) and led to the Camel Trail. The Camel Trail is a 12-mile bike path from Bodmin to the small coastal town of Padstow. The trail along the Camel River through forests, estuaries and finally along the coast. It was a nice, easy ride, even if at the end of the trip I was a little tired because I'm pretty out of shape. Biking along, we stopped at the Camel Valley Vineyards, one of the few wineries in England to actually make something drinkable. Although I do not like their wines, their white wine was delicious.
Cornwall England countryside
From the hill, are on it, you can see the surrounding fields. Farms line the rolling hills and cows and sheep can be seen for miles. The hilly area reminded me of Vermont with its farms, wineries and dairy producers.
After a while we ended up in Padstow, and I felt like I had returned home. All around me people were in the marina, sitting on fried fish snacking and French fries as the seagulls circled for their meal waiting. Tourists flooded in and out of the restaurants and children snacked on ice and fudge. Candy Stores sells candy and toffee lined the streets and adults sat outside with a beer. sailed in the Water, wakeboarded or swimming, are directed to the sea while some boats.
Yes, I had returned home rock, or Gloucester, or the fishing villages of Maine, where the locals go to the summer to escape the city. I can remember as a child to places like this many trips.
boats in Mevagissey Harbour
We spent the lunch time there, and digest after eating, went back home, but not to get grip on the winery before up a few bottles of their white. That night, a barbecue broke out among the locals in the city center. kept family shows up, and before you knew it, it seemed like half of the children in the city were power play while the parents kept a watchful eye. It was a real, friendly, small-town atmosphere, and it's part of the reason my friends in love with the place. Again, it was like being in New England. Everything about New England, small towns have a similar close and intimate atmosphere. Everyone knows your name.
Maybe I enjoyed my time there because it reminds me of New England. Then again, I've always had a preference for nature, and although I am a city guy, I could easily spend a few months to enjoy the country, with all the bike paths, rivers, forests, fishing villages, and impromptu barbecues.
Yes, Cornwall is a beautiful place, and if you ever had a New England feel to receive in Old England, I suggest a trip to Cornwall
For more information, visit my page on backpacking Europe or my guide to England
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How a good hostel

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Matts Score : This post was updated in 2016 to the recent changes in the travel industry reflect new information, advice and insight!

How a good hostel - Pick
Good hostels are always hard to come by. Hostels have more with the people than the physical place of stay to do there. I have spent in landfills, where I had fun because of the people there, and was amazing, beautiful hostels that bore me to death.
While hosteling about people is to stay in one place, which is a white traveler's needs always better because it improves the experience travel. When trying to get a good hostel, here is my advice on what to consider:

Cheaper is not better

budget a natural tendency of the cheapest thing to go to. However, do not try to save a dollar store only one dollar. Super-cheap are often messy, uncomfortable beds, showers dirty, and the pillows thin as a supermodel. Make a buck or two for beautiful and clean digs. Your body will thank you.

Get breakfast

One thing that I hate in Europe is hosteling about that breakfast is often toast, eggs and coffee. And it starts at 7 am (and ends too early)! I'm not sure who the travelers are that they know, but I have never been so early every known wake up, even for a good breakfast. Look for a place with a decent breakfast (that is, more than toast) or at least one that begins and ends when people are actually awake (breakfast, which usually start at 08.00, go late). Breakfast is also a great way to load on snacks, to the rest of the day, thus cutting down your food budget.

check out

never remain later in a hostel with a check-out time before 10am. The best hostels have 11:00 checkout times, and the really good you can at noon checkout. Sleep is valuable on the road, because you rarely get enough of it. Hostels with late check-out times understand that and are often more relaxed and Chiller environments. There's just something wrong about a hostel ask packed in the morning and to be out so early.
On the flip side of this, I like hostels, have flexible check-ins. Many do not be before 14:00 Upon check-in, but I like the that say "OK, the bed is ready. Come in now!"

button showers

Tell simply no to pushbutton showers! They are annoying and often have no water pressure. You do not want to turn off the water mid-soaping. My rule of thumb is that if a hostel with a push button shower, I did not stay there.
A hostel bathroom


It is surprising, but I've actually been in hostels, the lockers or that you do not have the cost of it. At the present time deposit should be standard. You should not pay for the security. This is a deal-breaker for me, especially since I travel with electronics.

Free Internet

While the Internet is a must for all travelers, a hostel offers free Wi-Fi and computer terminals makes life much easier.

A bar

bars are not a non-starter, and there are many wonderful hostels, without them, but they make a great place to socialize with other hostel guests. Usually when a hostel has a bar, they attach great importance to ensure that people are there to stay fun, interaction, and to be festive.

Common area

If the hostel does not have a bar, it should have a large common area. The best hostels are those which give a place the travelers to hang together and socialize. The public spaces facilitate interaction and have to take help solo travelers lighter people. The best hotels I have ever stayed still had a great common area.
A dorm room in a hostel

Organised activities

Really good hostels also organize activities such as hiking, bar crawls, BBQs, or anything else that gets people together.

knowledgable staff

staff make any business, and if I find the hostel the staff helpful, knowledgeable and friendly, I like that place much better. A hostel is like a home, and you want the people glad to welcome you like a long lost family member. I have never understood why hostels do not realize that a hostel to be is not to be as cheap accommodation, it comes to a warm environment to create.
A hostel does not have any of those things I have listed, but it should have the majority. not understand a hostel without most of these things, who are guests or what they want. I get that many people come through hostels with a variety of needs. A hostel does not have to be perfect. I want a clean kitchen, but it's not a deal-breaker. Dorm room not locked? That's what is a locker. Hostel showers are always dirty, so I wear flip flops in it. I'm not looking for a 5-star resort, just basic safety and comfort.
What makes Hostels big people are, and even the worst hostels will be great when you meet good people. But the people to remove them from the equation, I look for hostels that have some of the above qualities in them. Hostels, who know what you want as a traveler, are there to improve your travel experience, not only from you take money in exchange for a bed. I'd rather stay in one place, to make sure I sought to have a good time.
And these places to find? I read on! If I'm picking hostels, I see read, pictures, amenities, star ratings on sites like Hostel, Hostelz and HostelBookers. See what your traveling companions say. The consensus is going to be exactly the right thing
Credit :. 1, 2, 3
P. S. - I actually opened a hostel! It is located in Austin, Texas, Austin HK has all the things that make a hostel unusual: brand new comfortable mattresses that I would sleep on for free in my own house, great showers, a large common area, free Wi-Fi, facilities Laundry , a modern kitchen, free private secure parking, and events for the guests. Next time when you visit Austin, come stay at HK Austin! It is one of the best hotels you have ever stayed in!

Fat and do something about it

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Fat and do something about it - I like to think myself as a healthy person. I'm not overweight, I stay in shape, I like the gym, and I eat properly. Or at least, I I like all of these things to think about doing.
The truth is that long term travel can be a rather unhealthy activity. Long days, long nights, little sleep, very little practice, a good deal of alcohol and unhealthy food.
It is not to say that if you are a long-term traveler, you are going to be unhealthy. No. I know some people who do a daily run, push-ups, and eat nothing but healthy meals every day. But it is to keep a lot of work, on the way up, because it is much more distractions get in the way. Take long nights in the pub, you do your morning run harder. Doing push-ups in a huge dormitory is a bit socially awkward. And if you are traveling on a budget, eating healthy meals Super taxing all the time on your budget.
then throw in a certain laziness, and you have a recipe for some serious wear and tear on your body at the top.
Which is why I think I'm fat forever.
I where I am not to buy two seats on a plane, but I can definitely say that I gain weight. And not the good muscle mass but the bad, trans-fat, French-fried kind.
Back home, I am a gym junkie. I work about five times a week, I eat healthy, and I cook most of my own meals. I love it to stay in good shape and feeling.
But on the road? Forget it. I eat a lot of fat hamburgers, French fries and pasta and drinking too many sodas. The last time I did push-ups? Um, I can not remember. I can not remember, I have a good night's sleep either that. Thanks to a combination of bedroom, uncomfortable beds and an overactive mind the last time I drink too much (there is always someone first or last night in a hostel). I need more salad in my life. I should also eat more fruits and vegetables.
And so, inspired by Steve Kamb Nerd Fitness and remain in his book on the form during the trip, I will henceforth be healthier.
I have always prided myself on a healthy life, but on the street, I seem my views at the airport to check and only once in a while give them weak lip service. But look for growing in my belly, I'll be healthy to start. Not tomorrow, but today
I'm going to do a number of things in order to stay healthy.
If you have a bag, you have a gym ace. my friend put it, if you have a bag, you have made a job. You can the weight of the bag to use as a dumbbell. You can raise a bicep curl to do, lift it over your head for a shoulder training, bench press do dead lifts. It is a perfect, all-purpose weight.
push-ups. I'll do push-ups every other day to keep my upper body strong and my stamina. They are a quick and easy way to stay in shape. I have some today. I'll embarrass me not tell you how little I could do from you.
Daily Juice. Travel may charge a bit on the body. There you can wear down. Since I do not have with me vitamins, I'm going to make my juice receiving up that I need a good daily dose of nutrients my body.
Moderate drinking. I cut back on how often I drink alcohol. I am old. not recover my body as it did when I was 20 years old, and I do not know how to sleep through most of my days. It's hard to be this guy who says: "I will stay in" when all your friends are going out and they want to join you, but I'm going to have that guy to be more often. (Added bonus: I'm going to save money for a ton!)
sleeping. I'll try to recover my sleep schedule. Eight hours a night, no longer remain as often until dawn, trying to sleep at a normal time. I had a good sleep a few nights ago, and I felt like a new person. I want more feeling.
Eat healthy. Enough burgers, fries and pizza. Time to eat more salads, lean meats, rice, vegetables overall, just more healthy foods. It's easy when you fast, cheap meal, get to save money traveling. But while a good way to keep costs down, it is also a good way to keep your waistline, as cheap food not is usually healthy food. This is the biggest change that I'm going to do.
time alone. I think I need more rest alone time to recharge my batteries. Travel can be a very stimulating experience, and there are always meeting people and places to go. But sometimes, you just have some relaxing time alone to decompress and to have. I do not really enough. I have probably some I have not had time, since I was in Norway. Next week I'm staying to Sofia heading with a friend for a week and just relax.
I always tell people when it comes to traveling, the more excuses you make, the less likely it will be that you actually go. But here I am, trying excuses to stay healthy.
So today I'm going to stop making excuses. Enough is enough. Time to be healthy again. I like that the lifestyle so much more than what I have now.

Interview with Lonely Planet founder

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Interview with Lonely Planet founder - One thing that I love is a travel blog that it lets me amazingly ordinary people know and also gives me a chance my journey heroes meet. I had drinks with Pauline Frommer, met Rick Steves, was a friend of Johnny Jet and Matt Gross, the (ex) Frugal Traveler, hanging out with Rolf Potts and chatted about flights George Hobica to name just a few things. A few weeks ago, Lonely Planet has me in contact with its founder, Tony Wheeler. We exchanged a few emails, he agreed to do an interview, and I raved a bit about his influence on my travels
Nomadic Matt :. Your "Lonely Planet Guide to Southeast Asia" changed leaders and travel. There was a mass market and accessibility, which did not exist before. How does such a great influence on the journey you feel
Tony Wheeler : Great, looking back there at the beginning of the large Done something we were. Travel became affordable and accessible, so there is a demand for objective information was. That's how Lonely Planet began with people who ask for our recommendations for goals, because we had been there and done it. This led to the establishment of our first travel guide, Across Asia on the Cheap. There is actually a book about to be published by a man, who today to travel to the region is trying to use one of our original books Southeast Asia on a Shoestring (now 36 years old). Amazingly, he found a lot of places, either still running or run by the children or even grandchildren of the people we encountered when we 1974 Travel researched constantly changing the lead in and develop, but the need for trusted, accurate information about destinations still there , More and more people are traveling more and more and in different ways. Our leaders continue to give the best recommendations, to the established our first guide Across Asia on the Cheap.
Lonely Planet is considered the bible of young hikers and long-term travelers. It is the book she includes far more than any other leader. Is that the market you always been hoped that the style of the trip was begun with you?
We started just doing for the people, books like we, young and penniless. Obviously, we have changed over the years, and so have the books! But although we cover the upscale travel just like Backpacking these days I still have a real soft spot for backpackers, they travel pioneers, they are often new ways and new ways of travel groundbreaking and let's face it, there are no travel experience as the first time travel experience. I reckon learn out more travelers this year, as they have done in the last 5 years school. Or the next few years at the University! I also like the difficult journey, off-the-beaten track information, which is why I have enjoyed myself our leadership in Africa Congo DR Congo with the last three weeks.
In the book "The Beach", there is a line "Once it is in the Lonely Planet, ruined it." This comment reflects the feeling that Lonely Planet (and guide books in general) sterilize places and turn them into tourist traps. How do you respond to such criticism
here is the key that Lonely Planet guides are just that - a guide. We recommend travelers our leaders to use as a starting point, by them. With the tools to create their own adventures Tourists will visit destinations, regardless, we will. Only with the tools to travel independently and set their tourist pounds into the local economy It has always been of utmost importance to us that Lonely Planet encourages responsible, independent and ethical tourism. Our guides advise travelers on local history, politics, culture, nature and economy, so that they can get into the heart of the resort and to understand to the destination they are visiting. I have devoted my life to travel and am a strong believer in its benefits, both for the traveler and the local community who visit. Travel broadens the mind of cultures, language and traditions to share. It is impossible that tourism to argue not affect goals, but there are many factors for the growth of tourism to contribute, not least routes and the decreasing cost of travel.
Are there aspects of travel that have in the last 20 years greatly changed, that you do not want? Why?
A lot of people are the greater ease of travel, communication say and have taken information, the romance of the trip, but I think things like Internet cafes are just a new version of postlagernd. There are only so many stories of internet cafe meetings and romances as "sitting on the steps of the post long to read Lost Letters. 'Its The saddest change is a post-911 security. Of course, I hate that around with metal detectors and X-ray equipment fart (and I could be a better way, design 0% of the airports I do happen), but the biggest that you can not go up the flight deck more. While you never could on US carriers, elsewhere in the world when you can up shoulder to have usually invited on the flight deck views over the pilots ask nicely. the one I flew Concorde I went the sharp end and twice I even sit on a landing of
747 in
on the other side of this question, what to see, how you changed the more positive aspects, such as traveling in the last 20 years?
romance or not, I'd be lying if I said I do not have the ease of doing things like these days, whether it is a hotel reservation, get a seat on a plane in Congo DRC or a train in Switzerland, and you can download visa applications immediately. (Iran was wired amazing and helpful in this regard, the last time that I was there.) The almost anywhere you can get a free or near-as-damn-it free local SIM card for the phone have so I had my own phone number from Afghanistan to Zambia is also amazing everywhere, like ATM machines spit out in the strangest and most unlikely places currency.
Where do you see leaders in the digital age is?
It is often said, it is as ever so much pressure, it is simply no longer necessarily on paper. I think that we need to keep on exploring things go, a good job, you need to go there to do, you can not explore a place behind a desk or in front of a computer. But if the "leader" is a book or iPhone app, who knows.
What do you think of travel blogs?
Great. Travelogues publish such an abundance and variety of travel products. There is a great community and it's exciting to see it grow.
Do you think that it's a professional quality blogs to travel, which is of guidebooks on the level?
Some of them. But then there are some good leaders and some also crap ones.
Which blogs do you like? What are some examples of "good"?
I follow any blogs, but if I am connected to something at a certain trip or place or an idea I think about it, then I often end up looking at someone's blog. Congo trip was I just made very banal, but God there are some great Congo are stories. As these by a Belgian couple who slogged their way across the country, all but destroyed their Land Cruiser on the road and put it through the kind of hell Toyota could hardly devised. And I've gone much Cruisers "roads" in the country, where at the end, I thought 'what a car! Amazing! "
Why did you sell your stake in Lonely Planet?
We did not want it to go on forever, and it was time for a change.
Now that you have Lonely Planet sold as you keep yourself busy?
keep traveling! I'm working on a new travel book and Lonely Planet keep asking me to do some things.
So you're still involved with LP? is this as an advisory role or have a certain track?
a Title? a role? Something that I paid for? No, but I write a monthly column for the LP Magazine, I seem a lot intros / forewords / columns / etc to write for various LP books, I asked many times to the front for a bit, appearing for a little, etc with LP. And for the rest of my life I'm 'one of the people who started LP. "And I'll never anywhere can go without returning changes / corrections / suggestions for that book. Incidentally, I have never had a record business card had on them with a title or role.
If you have any advice for travelers, what would it be?
to go. And you go somewhere interesting.

15 things I hate Backpacking

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15 things I hate Backpacking -

I've been more than five years backpacking. That's a long time to travel time , let alone to stay in hostels, bedrooms, living out of the same bag, and traveling on the cheap. I love this form of travel but really, why I have continued to do so for many years. I enjoy hostels to meet people, light to travel to the wild adventure, the youthful atmosphere, and not with guides and tours hold my hand all the way. Plus, I honestly see no need to spend much money for resorts and fancy rooms. But, even if I my journey enjoy style, it does not mean that I will always love him. In fact, sometimes I really, really, really hate backpacking.

Dorm Rooms

dorm rooms in a hostel
Hostel dorms are cheap and are a great way to meet people because you pushed in the same room with them. You have no other choice than to learn to know each other. (Well, you do not speak, but it's a little awkward then.) But sometimes you do not want to meet new people, get the top bunk, or have to deal with three snorers in a 6 bed room. That's when you really start to hate hostels. I still use dorm rooms because they keep costs down, but I really do not like, how often they. In the way, a good night's sleep

The same week

dorm rooms in a hostel
Whenever you come somewhere new, travelers ask the same five questions: Where are you from? Where are you going? Where have you been? How long did you stay? How long are you here? After 5 years ... Heck after 5 days, it's pretty boring the same conversation over and over again with. They are the standard, basic questions everyone (myself sometimes) asks. It becomes second nature. I can, however, mix now. When I get asked one of the five questions, I will answer for her name to ask and then something like what is your favorite color or favorite book or the least place you have ever seen. It is much more interesting than "what you do back home?"

The 5-minute-Friend

dorm rooms in a hostel
You meet great people, and then they will be gone tomorrow. Perhaps you will see each other again, maybe not. It's great to meet so many great people on the street, but I hate it, as people leave, especially to learn how to know someone. There is a snowball of sadness. I have met countless amazing people on the street and sure at this moment, and at this time we had a great time. Perhaps that was all, what should be. But it's nice to have some consistency and have a friend for more than 5 minutes.

The excessive party make

dorm rooms in a hostel
in the backpacking world, there is always someone the first or last night, and thus a reason to go - which means are to drink a lot it going. (Much!) I've done my fair share of partying, and I admit that it is great if you are just starting. They are excited about the road, everything is new, and it is a good way to meet people. But after a few months, it is boring and monotonous. You get tired like all the time drinking but that the only activity in the world. Can not we just go do something else? Has alcohol must always be included? Let's go play, see a movie Minigolf go bowling, or to see a concert. There is more to the countries as their bars.

The cheapness

dorm rooms in a hostel
I understand that long-term travelers who have a fixed budget. When I went overseas for the first time, I had only a limited amount of money, and it had to last a long, long time. That being said, but you really came all the way to Spain not have the paella? She flew to Japan and never once had sushi or anything else as cheap ramen noodles? Skipped due to the price of a lift ticket skiing in the Alps? Come on. You only live once. Do something more than a free tour, you cook your own meals, complain about your lack of sleep, even though you slept in a hammock and drink beer 7-11. It's great to be frugal, but it is to be lame cheap.

know-it-all Backpackers

dorm rooms in a hostel
There is always someone who traveled more than you. Even after 5 years wandering the world, know that I People who have spent 6, 7, 8 years with nothing but a backpack. But what I hate is when people throw in other people's conversations or plans and begin to give their opinion about where they should or should not go. Or they begin to tell the story of a place (and probably it is wrong), to "educate" to try to learn how things really are. be a do not know everything. Nobody likes a show off. I often forego correcting of people, just because I do not want to be "that guy."

The "Who is a better rating?" Game

dorm rooms in a hostel
Too many travelers to how to talk by talking about how long they have traveled for or how many counties it to have been as if traveling is a competition. "They have been in 20 countries?" "Ohh, I have also been to 37!" Or listen to "You really do not know the country X, because you type Y." Comments skipped like that younger travelers feel bad about their own experience that come to me and say that a top about my life or other trips I know relieve some of their complacency makes, because it, what activities did you not matter, or if you have been to 4, 19 or 150 countries -. every journey is its own, and all the same

The Herd Mentality

dorm rooms in a hostel
I wanted to be a backpacker, because it embodies and discovering a spirit of adventure. They were to see the world, you discover to make its hidden secrets and new locals. It turned out, which is often not the case. More often than not, today Backpacker follow the same well-designed itinerary that thousands have entered before them. Just follow the pack. Yes, popular places are popular for a reason and I would never, for example, recommends skipping Thailand, Paris, or Costa Rica, only because there are other tourists there. But good Lord, be a bit more curious and somewhere wander randomly. Only one time.

always being "on"

dorm rooms in a hostel
Sometimes I do not want to speak for anyone easily. Sometimes, I just want to read my book and stay in catching up on True Blood. But then I am the anti-social guy in the hostel and the people look at me differently. I hate how you always seem to be friendly and optimistic. People are social beings, but it is also good to have some time alone to decompress and relax. To be always, is easy to mentally exhausting for me, especially when the same questions are asked every day. (See above!)


dorm rooms in a hostel
I said to have more farewells in the past 5 years, as a human being ever should. And despite changes in technology and social media, you know that emails will slowly fade despite the best intentions. Life goes on and people go their own way. Sure, you will have this great moment in time together, but the more you travel, the more you recognize the hard truth that you never could see this person. And the more you hate to say goodbye.

The Quick Romantic relationships

dorm rooms in a hostel
meet people, let people. It's a sad cycle which means that unless you really like to start someone be divided. It's really hard to have a long-term stable relationship on the road. They are together, while on the go, but then the people go to the left, while to the right. And then, as quickly as it began, it is over. It's hard to start over and to stop feelings and since you never really get closure often never really "break". The road is a series of short relationships and can be very tiring.

backpack Flags

dorm rooms in a hostel
One can say there is a way to remember where you have gone, but what it really does is allow people know how great you are to have been so many places. It's all part of "who is the experienced traveler" one-upmanship that happened in hostels. And it annoys me. A lot of. Have photos, recollections and passport stamps to remember where you have been. I doubt your pocket really cares. Let us call a spade a spade. Sewing flags of each country you was only a way to show the world that you are well traveled

Dirty kitchens

dorm rooms in a hostel
Despite all the signs that people say, clean her, she never will. Why? It's not their kitchen, and they will leave soon. Someone else will do it. I hate hostel kitchens for this reason really, and it's why I never cook in them. I did not travel around the world to clean up your. Do it yourself! What are you, 9? Your mother is not here, when to clean up and it is imprudent to leave a dirty kitchen for the next person.

Missing the Gym

dorm rooms in a hostel
I like to work out. Traveling makes me unhealthy and fat, and I do not like. It's hard to keep a healthy lifestyle on the road, and I wish I had the chance to go to the gym and train more often.

Sex in Dorm Rooms

dorm rooms in a hostel
I do not want to hear sex. Ever. Go get your own room. We do not believe her moans of pleasure, and we do not want to see your white ass. For the price of two dorm beds, you can get a private room in almost any location in the world. And if it does not cost more, it is not so much. Get some privacy, have better sex, and let everyone else is sleeping.

Do not take this to mean that I really hate backpacking. Most days, I love this kind of travel and I love backpacking. It is fun, social, and you get to meet amazing people. But sometimes the little things just grind your gears, which is most common when people are rude and inconsiderate. Backpacking is a great lifestyle and how each life has its ups and downs. I'm just lucky that it has more ups than downs.

My 2015 group trips: Two trips to Europe

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My 2015 group trips: Two trips to Europe -

nomadic matt's reader tour through europe group shot
At the end of 2013 I began leading group travel. I have four previously done and enjoyed it really. I like meeting readers to suspend other travel style and among them to some of my favorite places in Europe. I want others to fall in love with the places that made me love travel so much

This year I will offer two short trips in the fall. A to Paris, Amsterdam and Prague and Vienna. (You can view the details, see below.)

If you are looking to travel with like-minded people, this tour is for you. The people on my tours are fast friends and stay in touch long after the tour ends. I know Tours can not be the normal topic on the blog, but if you are looking to travel for the first time, or are a seasoned traveler and are looking to travel with someone who knows these objectives well, my tours are for you. I run for small groups, so we can have an intimate and friendly environment.

I take you to the best sights, restaurants, bars, and off-the-beaten path attractions at each destination. I have spent much time in any place and know the places you will not find in any travel guide. It is true that these tours are more expensive than solos, but you will get from these tours way to get more value than you would if you tried to do this alone.

to Europe To come with me to some wonderful people to see amazing sights meet, eat good food and have fun

Below is more information on the two tours will and how to book it:

Nomadic Matt Prague and Vienna tour

nomadic matt 2014 central europe tour budapest
length: 9 days
number of people: up to 12
dates: September 5 -13, 2015

Day 1 - Prague

  • arrival
  • Welcome meeting and dinner

day 2 - Prague

  • Historical tour of the city (out of me)
  • visit to the Prague Castle (admission included)
  • Optional group dinner

day 3 - Prague

  • half-day excursion to the famous Bone Church in Kutna Hora
  • Discover Prague on your own
  • Optional group dinner

day 4 - exploring Prague

  • Free day one of the most beautiful cities in the world
  • Optional group dinner

day 5 - Vienna

  • train to Vienna
  • group dinner for traditional Wienerschnitzel

day 6 - Vienna

  • Historical tour of Vienna
  • Optional group dinner

day 7 - Vienna

  • Free time to explore the city 19,459,008
  • Optional group dinner

[] day 8 - Vienna

  • Bike excursion into the countryside to see the vineyards
  • final group dinner

day 9 - Vienna

  • departure day! (Although I'm all day to hang around!)

price : $ 1.350


Nomadic Matt Paris and Amsterdam tour

nomadic matt 2014 western europe tour paris
length: 9 days
number of people: up to 12
dates: 03-11 October 2015

day 1 - Paris

  • meeting in Paris arrival
  • Welcome and dinner

day 2 - Paris

  • Historical tour of Paris
  • Free afternoon museums
  • Optional group dinner

to see day 3 - Paris

  • day trip to the Palace of Versailles (with guide)
  • Optional group dinner

day 4 - Paris

  • morning food tour through the Paris markets
  • Afternoon Leisure Paris
  • evening show optional in a cabaret [zuerkunden
  • group dinner

day 5 - Paris

  • Discover Paris at your own pace (optional visit to the catacombs of Paris and Pere Lachaise cemetery with me )
  • Optional group dinner

day 6 - Amsterdam

  • morning train to Amsterdam [1945012Amsterdam [1945004-]
  • to explore Historic tour of the city
  • Leisure
  • Optional group dinner

day 7 [

  • breakfast in my favorite Dutch pancakes location
  • Canal tour though the city
  • Optional group dinner

day 8 - Amsterdam

  • Free day Amsterdam
  • final group dinner

to explore day 9 - Amsterdam

  • departure day! (Although I'm all day to hang around!)

Price: $ 1,550


What in all the tours?

  • All accommodations
  • activities listed
  • Guided walks
  • intercity transport
  • is contained
  • Local city traffic when they as a group
  • group meals listed above
  • For the Paris / Amsterdam tour, a Paris Museum pass

Tourism What is not included in all tours ?

  • International flights
  • Applicable visa fees
  • outside that foods listed above
  • alcohol
  • Souvenirs
  • anything not listed

Note: As the months go, I will work with various local operators and manufacturers even more activities to fill!


Can I do a payment plan and pay in installments?
Yes, you can! We can work something specific to your needs. Please send me an email to [email protected] and we can talk. I can be flexible.

These tours seem cost much. Why this price?
These are not cost backpacking tours and more and more, as a solo traveling. I make a great effort to pack a variety of activities and meals in these tours - I'll take to my favorite attractions restaurants and bars - and hence the price. If you want to make it cheaper to do it solo, the way to go. If you want it to do with me, I think that offer tours great value for your money. You get a lot for your money

What kind of room we are staying in staying
We are in dormitories :? Men in one room, women in another. If you are traveling as a couple, you can get together a private room. In addition, the hostels will we stay in all have elevators.

What if I want a single room?
If you want your own room, which is possible, but you need to be extra pay. The cost will vary depending on what you want specifically. Please contact me.

If asked international flights are available?
No, you are responsible for your own flight to and from the tour.

I Will need travel insurance?
Yes, all guests will need travel insurance for the duration of the trip. I will ask for proof before departure. If you do not have it, you will not be able to come.

Is there an age restriction?
You must be 18 years old or older.

Do I have to fill any release forms?
Yes, you will also fill out and sign me and the tour in connection from any liability Nomadic Matt Tours released a liability waiver required.

What if I change my mind? What is your refund policy?
I'm going to cry, but understand. change plans. The refund policy is as follows: If you cancel 0 days before departure, you will get 100% of your money back. If you. 0-60 days before departure to cancel a 50% refund If you cancel between 60 and 30 days before departure, a 25% refund. Cancelation within 30 days results in a 0% refund.

I Will not have time for me?
Of course! I hate tours, book every minute of the day. While we will be busy, there is also plenty of time for you, on your own to explore! Travel is about adventure and discovery, and I push to go on my trips and explore on your own!

What is Visa?
If you need a visa to travel to Europe, you will find that in advance must obtain at his own expense.

How many points can I buy at a time?
Reservations on the tour are a maximum of 2 limited per person a chance to make sure to go all the questions!

I will have. Can I contact you?
Of course! My email is [email protected] .

12 things I would every new traveler

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hope. Anxiety. Excitement. Traveling for the first time gave me wave of conflicting emotions. As I travel around the world, the left, I did not know what to expect. I was not well traveled and was as green as they come. No one I knew had ever done before. To compensate for my lack of willingness, I followed my guide and wet my feet with tours. I was young and inexperienced, and I have a lot of beginners travel error.

12 things I would every new traveler - Tell
A large sign hanging above my head that said, "I have no idea what I'm doing."
Now, with 10 years of travel under my belt, I know better. If I could sit on my younger self, before he left for his trip around the world, I would give him this advice:

not afraid

Girl traveler jumping off a cliff into Caribbean waters
fear a effective means. Deterrence. Taking the plunge into the unknown is scary, but they are not the first person to travel the world. Discover not to explore new continents or unknown areas.
It is is a well-worn track travel and to lead people on the way to help you. If millions of people around the world make their way each year, so you can.
you feel scared and nervous, but they are just like any other position.

Do not live by your guide.

Guidebook being read by a traveler on a bus
Guides are useful for a general overview of an object, but you will never get the latest off-the-beaten path sights, bars or restaurants you. For the best things with the locals to find out what is currently hot. Ask other travelers or the hostel staff for recommendations.
The people are the best source of up-to-the-minute travel information. Unless a leader is often digitally and updated, it is probably out of date, so do not live and breathe by it.

travel slowly.

Nomadic Matt traveling slowly in Vietnam rice patty field
It can be tempting to try to see them all. With limited vacation time, we always try to squeeze everything - rushing through 20 cities in 20 days or 100 countries in our travel around the world. At the end, all we have to show it are photos, stress and a whirlwind of experiences, but no real knowledge of the places we went.
(If you try to rush through Australia, you are burned out and see everything but nothing seen. You'll wish you have it slower.)
do not rush your trip , Take the time to observe a relaxing day at the park or just sitting in a café people spend. Slower. It gives you time to drink deeply from a culture, and take it all in.

Get contact information of the people.

you will make a lot of friends on the street. Some of them will be friends for life. But sometimes you do not get their contact information and you regret it forever (you are still wondering what happened with this amazing couple you met in Panama!). Facebook and email make it easy to stay in touch with people for years after the trip, so that people get the contact information! Do not let your new friends in the memory fade.

You do not need much gear.

Way too much gear to pack in a backpack
If you went to Costa Rica in 03, she brought a bag with tons of material filled - hiking boots and pants, fleece jacket, too many clothes and more toiletries than a CVS. There were all sitting in your pocket, takes up space, as they are dragged across the country
The lesson :. Pack light. You have less to carry. Buy a small bag so that you are not trying to pack everything under the sun. If you really need something, you can pick it up as you go.
Trust me, you will not need as much equipment as you think!

Get a phone.

Three kinds of Apple iPhones good for travelers
You will meet a lot of people on the road who want to see you again. While Facebook can stay in touch to be practical, it is not ideal for planning meet-ups, when people are constantly on the move. Do your friends get the message? Will they be there? Who knows!
Cheap mobile phones and SIM cards are available worldwide. Invest, so that you stay in a in contact with your new friends. In this way, you will not ask if you were standing on, or if your friends just changed their plans and went to Rome.

Go with the flow.

Traveling man standing on a mountain after hiking it
If the time scheduled and there are schedules to follow stressed. Very stressed. They rush. And if you plan too much, there is no room to experience the serendipity of travel.
Put some flexibility in your schedule and go with the flow. Plan one or two activities and let the rest of the day happened. It will be a more pleasant and less stressful experience. You will be surprised what happens (as if your friend invites you to an island in Thailand and you stay a whole month).
Let unfold life.

Take extra money.

Money and foreign currency from all over the world
Travel is not as expensive as you think - will travel 40 $ per day, or in Europe through Asia to 15 $ -. but you will learn always unexpected expenses
Have a pillow! No matter how well you plan budget, you can never for all disasters or itinerary changes (such as you will suddenly fly to Fiji and learn to dive). No matter how well you plan, can always come up with something and your budget whack from throwing.
take more money than you think you need. You will not regret it.

Do not be so shy.

I know that you are introverted. I know you're worried about what people think. It takes courage to talk to strangers, but everyone is in the same boat. to all others are looking for friends solo travelers. You want to meet new people.
Just say "hello" and everything else will fall into place. Ask people to connect drinking games and talking in hostels. No one ever says no. Take the first step. Take your headphones off, turn to the person next to you and say hello.
You have nothing to lose and in the process, that is how you get over your shyness, new friends (and end on a couple weddings upwards), and better conversation.

Be adventurous.

Adventurous kayaking down the river in Austin
I know you do not like heights. I know you do not like sports. And while you will violate your tailbone, you will not regret the boat jumps in Galápagos. You can scream like a girl, but she loved swing this canyon. And in the end, not these maggots taste good?
Challenge yourself. Take Risks. Try new things. You can get some hate it, but you will regret none of it. You will walk more confidently.

You are not stuck.

Home and cars in a suburban neighborhood
If you hate to travel and not having fun, stop and rest. Spend a few days in Amsterdam or Sydney. Relax. If you still hate travel there when you get back on the road to go home. There is no shame.
It is better to try and fail than not try. Always remember you can go home if you do not have fun. You are not stuck with your decision to travel.

You're not alone.

Group of traveling friends posing in Australia
Wherever you go, there is a network of travelers is, his friends, give advice or tips and help you. Experience, point in the right direction, and your mentors. You are not there on your own. They become friends. You'll be okay. Even if you are traveling alone, you will never be alone.
I know that you are heading out into the unknown nervous. That is normal. It is to take care of human nature, but you make it to be because of your journey on the road and a better person.
breathe so deeply, relax and enjoy!

How to travel the world in a wheelchair

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How to travel the world in a wheelchair - A few months ago I was wasting time research on the internet when I came a travel blog written by a man who traveled the world in a wheelchair. For hours, I read in his blog, fascinated by what he did. I love it when people do not let their limits, restrain them. I love it when people say "I can" instead of "I can not." Cory the current topic in this blog embodies that where there's a will, there's a way. Cory is a type, define the disabling or limiting it would not leave.
His is an inspiring story, and I was hooked on his blog, so I invited Cory to share his story and advice for others who might be in a similar situation and wondering how to make travel pass
Nomadic Matt :. each about continued self.
Cory: My name Cory Lee and I am a 25-year-old travel addict, peanut butter connoisseur, and the brains behind Curb free with Cory Lee. I was born in the small town of Lafayette, Georgia and grew up. It is a rather boring city, but fortunately with enjoy traveling and my mother so we played quite often the road. I was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at the age of two and have in a wheelchair ever since. My wheelchair and I have been 14 countries and have plans to visit many more. As with a degree from the University of West Georgia degree in marketing last year I have all my energy is growing in my website. Apart from traveling and working on my blog, I love concerts, binge watching Netflix shows ( Orange is the New Black is my favorite), and try new foods.
How did you get to travel?
my mother was a teacher, so she was home from work every summer. We used the time on site to travel and took a lot of traveling along the east coast. Disney World was a popular choice. When I become 15, we tried our hand while traveling abroad and went to Bahamas. These trips made me fall in love with travel and showed me that there is so much out there in the world.
Do you think that your disability you would limit? What did you say, "It screws, I will do this, anyway?"
My mother always said to me: "If you can not stand up, stand out" and I try to live every day of this mentality. I could not have are physically, but I can stand. I can stand for everything I wish, like traveling. A disability is not to limit myself to see in the world. I refuse to even entertain the thought that my disability could have that kind of power. I've never known really a different kind of life, so I think I've just kind of learned to accept my circumstances and then keep them in mind.
cory traveling the world in a wheelchair
plan Has that been a challenge? How do you deal with naysayers deal?
about my life, yes. It was a challenge, especially when I was younger. I remember being especially in primary school and wondering why I could not go on one of the excursions. My fifth grade class in a camp for a few nights would, and one of my teachers said that it would not be possible for me to go because of my disability. Simply did not believe that I do something that would be able, as they saw no reason for me to go. My mother went mad at these teachers and explained that I would go, and that they take each student is required, not just those who could walk.
for this stock, which is actually one of my favorite memories from elementary school. I had nonstop fun with my friends in the desert for a few days. There are naysayers in the world, but I have to be patient and learned to explain that, although I do not do the things that might be able just as others do, I can still be happy to be there and do she at the best of my ability.
do what restrictions to your disability you have because?
makes spinal muscular atrophy, my muscles weaker than the average person and restricts my ability to walk me unable does raise my arms, transfer, etc. It also deteriorates over time my muscles so I can not have the same abilities in five years, as I do now. This fact is constantly in mind and why I'm so motivated to see the world. I may be 10 years from now no longer able to travel, but I'm definitely having fun now.
How to deal, on the street?
I always travel with someone, be quite impossible generally my mother or a friend, because alone would go. I need help, aboard the aircraft, open doors and go to bed, for example, so that someone with me there is very helpful.
I also try to get an idea of ​​how accessible certain attractions are and then make a rough itinerary. While many monuments and museums are accessible, one of the biggest obstacles when planning a trip is transportation to find. In modern countries, there are accessible buses, trains and taxis, but this information is not always easy to find online. I did not really travel to locations if I do not know for sure that I will be able to get easy once thereabout. Hopefully finally find that information is easier and I try the cause to definitely help with my website.
In Europe, many of the features are available so that it is fairly easy to get to town, from city, but in the United States, it's a bit more difficult and expensive, because we rely on trains they are not so much. I have been waiting for more than three hours for an accessible taxi in Los Angeles before that during which valuable time is me, the city could have been made to explore.
cory traveling the world in a wheelchair
Are you working? Or have a savings? As you make your travels?
I just started freelance writing and now that my site is growing, I started also to earn from it as money. But in recent years I've pretty much been when saving an expert. I literally save every dollar I can to travel, and I get the benefits of SkyMiles and other rewards programs. I have the Delta SkyMiles debit card, and for every dollar I spend, I earn one mile. I'll book often family vacations or anything else that I. On my card, and then get them to pay me back, so I can earn many miles I also like the Hilton HHonors program, since Hilton one of the wheelchair-accessible hotel brands. You have roll-in showers and spacious rooms, and often they are even on the pool access lift.
Many people are wondering, "what happens if something goes wrong?" Well, what happened?
Trust me, I'm the king of bad luck. Seriously, can, if things go wrong, it will go wrong with me. I caught on a burning bus in Washington, DC. I stuck my wheelchair charger on the wall in Germany (with the proper converter), and it exploded. Literally. Sparks flew and the power in the entire hotel went for about 15 minutes.
The worst thing that ever happened to me was in Washington, DC in 07. I was there feel really sick with the Envision EMI and began on July 4th. I started, and to throw the dissemination of getting back up. My mother took me to the hospital and I ended admitted two weeks are and missed the entire second half of the conference. In addition I also had pneumonia severely dehydrated to be. Pneumonia can be quite fatal for people with spinal muscular atrophy, but luckily the doctors fixed me up with a needle in my back introducing and draining my lungs. It was not the most enjoyable experience, but it did the trick. Now when I go somewhere, I always travel with my medicine and insurance.
And frankly, something could go wrong in the comfort of your own home, so ask "what if?" Constantly you will not look good. Embrace the unexpected.
How do you deal with countries that could not be a handicap or wheelchair accessible?
There are definitely some countries that are more suitable for wheelchairs than others. I use the magical powers of Google and talk to determine whether a destination is reachable or not before I book a trip with other wheelchair users in the area. I try to visit places that have accessible taxis and other transportation, because I'm pretty much stuck without it. Paris is probably the least accessible place, which I was. The metro was not available and there was only a taxi across the city that was available suit my needs. We are at the end to hire this a taxi for a whole day and it cost us about $ 0. This was insanely expensive, but there was really no other options. I learned definitely continue to book taxis in advance and before going accessible transport more research somewhere. Trying to do something spur of-the-moment, like a wheelchair is almost impossible.
cory traveling the world in a wheelchair
Are there some countries you simply can not go?
I used to think that every country would achieve anything if I just tried to get it working hard enough, but it turns out that some countries are almost impossible to navigate with a wheelchair. My friend and I saw some extreme destinations such as Iran, North Korea, or Jordan on a visit, and I could find no information on the accessibility online. I emailed even any tour company I could find, and asked if she knew of any accessible tours, and they told me basically that it is not.
Is it expensive to travel with a disability? Are there any precautions that you can take to or other costs for services?
There is much more expensive to travel as wheelchairs. For example, last year I was in Puerto Rico, and while most trips around $ 50 per person, were a wheelchair tour was $ 0 per person. It's crazy that they can charge so much more, but companies usually say that the costs due to the need to set a special lift to the car and make other changes. Taxis do in many parts of the world the same.
While on $ 50 a day to travel the world would not be possible probably in a wheelchair, there are strategies that can be implemented to save a little money. For example, I always book trips well in advance (6 + months in advance) and I can usually get better deals on flights and hotels, by doing this. I also need to schedule more time, because I have to plan with accessibility in mind. Also Rewards points are my best friend! By using SkyMiles and save $ 400 on a flight, I can at this ridiculous price afford to go accessible Tour $ 400.
What advice would you give others in your situation?
I would tell them it just to go. This is easier said than done, but for every problem there is a solution. If the airline damages your chair, they will fix it. If your chair screwed up while you are at a destination, use the forces of Google and make a list of wheelchair-repair shops in the area before you go. This came really handy for me for my wheelchair charger in London broke the air. I just looked at my list of repair workshops in the region, called, and within a few hours, I had a brand new charger that worked.
cory traveling the world in a wheelchair
Are there any groups or organizations that people should know about?
There are several others who also rock the accessible travel scene as. Lonely Planet began back a "Travel for All" Google+ community for a while, and they are committed to providing accessible tourism promotion. They launched the first LP leader last year entirely dedicated to accessibility. Also, Tarita the travel connections great if you need help planning your travel accessible. Tarita is a travel agency with multiple sclerosis and she really knows how to plan the perfect trip for all abilities. Mobility Works is a wonderful company that rented wheelchair accessible vans. They have locations in 33 states, so if you are traveling in the US, then you are set. If you are not in the US and require information about accessibility in your chosen destination, contact you can point in the right direction the tourist office and they should.
Cory Lee a 25-year-old travel addict and recent college graduate. He decided to start a wheelchair travel blog, because he has always had a strong passion for traveling. His blog, Curb Free with Cory Lee, the division of the world is dedicated from the perspective of a wheelchair user.

to the next success story

is one of my favorite parts about this job listening travel stories of the people. You inspire me, but more importantly, they also inspire you. I travel in a certain way, but there are many ways to finance your trips and travel around the world, and I hope that these stories that show that there is more than one way to travel, and that it within your reach your journey to achieve goals. You can send me an email to [email protected] if you want to share your story!
We all come from different places, but we all have one thing in common:
we all want to travel more
Make Today take the day one step closer to travel - whether buying a guide, book a hostel. an itinerary, or go all the way to create and to buy a plane ticket.

9 Things I Learned while driving over the United States

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9 Things I Learned while driving over the United States -

glacier national park in montana
After 12,000 miles and four and a half months on the road, I'm home. My epic book tour across the country is over, and I fell back across the United States. I think that the United States is an underrated destination.

journey through the United States more feels like a collection of micro-country visit, each with its own identity. While some basic ideas and principles resonate in the states, each region has its own unique cuisine, geography, identity and culture. Life has in rural Nebraska little in common with life in New York City, which has the mountains of Idaho little in common.

Driving across America gave me a deeper understanding of the land and the variety in it.

The United States is huge.

You do not know how big it is until you spend 10 hours to drive through a state. I spent three days driving more than 1,500 miles and crossed only two and a half states (Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska). A road trip in the United States is not fast. As Australia, Canada or India, if you want to see a lot, you need to devote a lot of time there. The vastness of the country is overwhelming and deeply inspiring. The possibilities of discovery seem endless in this great country.

We have the best food, because we have all the food!

Thanks to a melting pot of cultures, the United States has cuisines from around the world. It's better than sushi in Japan, amazing Vietnamese pho on the west coast, to-die-for Mexican in Texas and California, uber-good German food in the Midwest, and all of Pakistani Ethiopian Uzbek food in major cities. Take. In Southern cuisine, spicy Cajun food, steaks in the Midwest, freshly caught fish and oysters in the northwest, and pizza in Chicago and New York City, and you can eat almost any type of food, no matter where you are You just can not this diversity found anywhere else in the world.

Our infrastructure needs work.

Midway through my road trip, I flew to film a TV commercial to Shanghai. I was immediately impressed by how well maintained the infrastructure in Shanghai was compared to what I'd just left behind. There are no potholes in the streets were the highways had plenty streets, and there were many high-speed trains, public transport and associated bridges illuminated with neon light shows at night! It was to be like in the future. I returned home to the highways always under construction, congested and decaying bridges, unevenly paved roads and car damaging potholes. Our infrastructure is in disrepair: highways can not cope, roads are neglected the traffic, and there are few overland travel options. It is no wonder that the American Society of Civil Engineers rated us a D +. It is a shame that such a great country as an important part of society neglected.

Outside the Coast, it is super cheap!

I live in the country $ 14 cocktails (thanks, NYC!) - Not an unusual price in major coastal cities. However, if you major cities and venture into the country escape, let your costs dramatically. The United States is a wonderful budget target. There are cheap hotels and hostels (from $ 30 per night), tons of couch-surfing options, diners and sit-down restaurants for under $ 10 a plate, and $ 3 beers. I found it easy to manage on less than $ 50 per day. It turns out, the United States one of the most underrated Budget locations in the world.

It is very rural.

farm land in montana
The country with a large and filled many is nothing. We meet often in the United States as a country's major cities and suburbs, an agricultural center and beautiful parks such as Yellowstone or Glacier National Park. But the truth is the majority of the nation small, rural communities and empty landscape. Although only 19% of the population has 95% of US land is classified as rural. Whether it was driving through Tennessee, Montana, Texas, or even California, once I left the big cities, there is an almost immediate shift to small towns and wide empty spaces was.

Country music is king!

While driving through the desert, the radio is mostly static - and endless stations country music coming in loud and clear. America loves country music. I knew it was popular, but this road trip has shown me that there is no music is as popular here as a country. After months of songs about beer, heartbreak, trucks hear down to the lake, and to love our country (sometimes all five at once), also I am now hooked on this twangy mood.

There is Christian.

You know what else you hear a lot on the radio? Christian rock and Bible sermons. Add the billions churches you see all the "Jesus is Lord" sign on the highway, conservative talk radio, the high proportion of Americans who often go to church (77% of Americans identify themselves as Christian), and They come to realize that the vast majority of America is profoundly christian. see After listening to country music and the religion of most Americans, I understand my fellow citizens a lot more and get why this country has become more conservative in recent years.

There is really a bunch of small countries.

The United States is often depicted as a monolithic cultural unit, but this road trip has taught me that the United States is only a series of micro cultures politically tied together by a common principles. Roaming from one region to lead take you through varied landscapes and settings to life. drink the Northwest with his coffee, tech-loving hipster, outdoor atmosphere is very different from the posh, conservative state of Mississippi. The fast-paced life in New York City is a world away from the farms of rural Wyoming. Sun-soaked, taco filled, relaxed seemed San Diego a strange place when compared to the outdoor cowboy culture in Montana. Drive through America feels as if you happen to dozens of countries.

It is full of helpful, optimistic people.

Everyone I met on the street was, helpful, curious and beautiful. Of the people in Nashville who let me into place in Mississippi to the guy in Kansas remain that gave me directions, interested people. The locals I met, travel were fascinated by my street, and if I needed anything, they helped. It did not matter where I was - everyone helped. Some years ago, my Dutch friend took an extended trip to the United States. His first comment to me was: ".. Why are the Americans so helpful and friendly, it is not Holland does not like everyone wants to know about my day" An English friend once told me that the Americans were "just too damn good mood. "It's true. Our spirit is overwhelming cheerful, optimistic and positive.

travel the country a lot of negative feelings, gave me a better perspective on life destroyed in the country, and has taught me that no matter how many micro-cultures and differences that we have, our common convictions and positive outlook makes me our future will be hopeful light. As Winston Churchill said: ". You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they all others have tried to"

Travel and the art of losing friends

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Travel and the art of losing friends -

walking away from friendships After months on the road, you find yourself find back home and take enthusiastic old friendships. Are you planning dinner, meetings and nights. And, as some people respond to or do not have, you begin to recognize a terrible truth -., While you were on the road to explore the world, your friends through the back door of your life crawled out of

And, unlike to you, they do not come back.

They ghosted.

after more than six months away, I came back to New York eager to connect with my friends. I missed their faces, stories and present. But like most New Yorkers will tell you, friendships are often difficult to maintain under the crushing pace of life, even if you are in the same city. Everyone moved a million miles a minute, there is always to go to an event, and make for any other time, is a constant battle of very conflicting schedules.

"What are you doing two weeks from now?" Is a common question in the city that never sleeps.

I expected but, after many weeks of missed connections and noticed absence of events, I realized that, while I was away, I had to ghosted on. Many had taken my absence as an excuse to finally leave stage left.

At first I was sad. People I care for my life left seemingly for no reason. "What did I do wrong? How can I get change back?" I asked myself.

Then I was crazy. "Screw those idiots! They were not fun anyway," I said in an attempt to hide the pain.

But I calmed down and thought about it more, I realized that I was looking the wrong way in this situation. Walking lost me not away friends; It showed me who my true friends.

Most people maintain a broad social network, and if you are in contact with this network, it is easy to think relationships are deeper than they are. Tourism showed me what compounds were in fact deep and which were only deep in my head.

It is true that friends to move in and out of your life, regardless of whether you are traveling or not. It's life - to change the people apart and grow. I have many friends that I no longer speak. We moved to different cities, changed our interests, and the ties that bound us weaker over time.

But that is a gradual decoupling and a less emotionally blunt. We know and understand why it happened.

But make to throw a party, a great time, go grab a drink, and turns to see all suddenly disappeared.

There is a sudden, shocking and very depressing.

Part of me "Well thinks that's just New York. This city is hard easy." But then I remember the stories from other travelers who have experienced the same thing and realize that there not only me, it's not just this city.

travel the process of separation and Exposes accelerates the quality of your friendships. His frayed away the weak bonds to keep trying, while, strengthening, which will withstand the distance of space and time.

My lifestyle make it easier to maintain any friends, but it also makes it not impossible. I've been around the world but I see friends every few years, but we make the effort to stay in touch. When we are together, our bond is still strong. I know that my friends ask if I return or transit and so often let me she'm really into text. However, after finding that I am really back, and I want to hang out, you start to wonder how strong the bond is, if you do all the work. If you stick to your texts unanswered and plans constantly canceled, you see the writing on the wall.

Perhaps a friend they want, which is not a nomad. Maybe we grew apart and I just did not know

But as I said last week, I again need balance in my life to find, - .. And that includes with the upcoming

Maybe These are the people who have left 1 day are wondering how I am and what I do. Perhaps some of them will be sad that they do not know.

But what I know is that, while they were ghosting, those who remained, and I became closer.

And for that, I am truly grateful.