15 things I hate Backpacking

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15 things I hate Backpacking -

I've been more than five years backpacking. That's a long time to travel time , let alone to stay in hostels, bedrooms, living out of the same bag, and traveling on the cheap. I love this form of travel but really, why I have continued to do so for many years. I enjoy hostels to meet people, light to travel to the wild adventure, the youthful atmosphere, and not with guides and tours hold my hand all the way. Plus, I honestly see no need to spend much money for resorts and fancy rooms. But, even if I my journey enjoy style, it does not mean that I will always love him. In fact, sometimes I really, really, really hate backpacking.

Dorm Rooms

dorm rooms in a hostel
Hostel dorms are cheap and are a great way to meet people because you pushed in the same room with them. You have no other choice than to learn to know each other. (Well, you do not speak, but it's a little awkward then.) But sometimes you do not want to meet new people, get the top bunk, or have to deal with three snorers in a 6 bed room. That's when you really start to hate hostels. I still use dorm rooms because they keep costs down, but I really do not like, how often they. In the way, a good night's sleep

The same week

dorm rooms in a hostel
Whenever you come somewhere new, travelers ask the same five questions: Where are you from? Where are you going? Where have you been? How long did you stay? How long are you here? After 5 years ... Heck after 5 days, it's pretty boring the same conversation over and over again with. They are the standard, basic questions everyone (myself sometimes) asks. It becomes second nature. I can, however, mix now. When I get asked one of the five questions, I will answer for her name to ask and then something like what is your favorite color or favorite book or the least place you have ever seen. It is much more interesting than "what you do back home?"

The 5-minute-Friend

dorm rooms in a hostel
You meet great people, and then they will be gone tomorrow. Perhaps you will see each other again, maybe not. It's great to meet so many great people on the street, but I hate it, as people leave, especially to learn how to know someone. There is a snowball of sadness. I have met countless amazing people on the street and sure at this moment, and at this time we had a great time. Perhaps that was all, what should be. But it's nice to have some consistency and have a friend for more than 5 minutes.

The excessive party make

dorm rooms in a hostel
in the backpacking world, there is always someone the first or last night, and thus a reason to go - which means are to drink a lot it going. (Much!) I've done my fair share of partying, and I admit that it is great if you are just starting. They are excited about the road, everything is new, and it is a good way to meet people. But after a few months, it is boring and monotonous. You get tired like all the time drinking but that the only activity in the world. Can not we just go do something else? Has alcohol must always be included? Let's go play, see a movie Minigolf go bowling, or to see a concert. There is more to the countries as their bars.

The cheapness

dorm rooms in a hostel
I understand that long-term travelers who have a fixed budget. When I went overseas for the first time, I had only a limited amount of money, and it had to last a long, long time. That being said, but you really came all the way to Spain not have the paella? She flew to Japan and never once had sushi or anything else as cheap ramen noodles? Skipped due to the price of a lift ticket skiing in the Alps? Come on. You only live once. Do something more than a free tour, you cook your own meals, complain about your lack of sleep, even though you slept in a hammock and drink beer 7-11. It's great to be frugal, but it is to be lame cheap.

know-it-all Backpackers

dorm rooms in a hostel
There is always someone who traveled more than you. Even after 5 years wandering the world, know that I People who have spent 6, 7, 8 years with nothing but a backpack. But what I hate is when people throw in other people's conversations or plans and begin to give their opinion about where they should or should not go. Or they begin to tell the story of a place (and probably it is wrong), to "educate" to try to learn how things really are. be a do not know everything. Nobody likes a show off. I often forego correcting of people, just because I do not want to be "that guy."

The "Who is a better rating?" Game

dorm rooms in a hostel
Too many travelers to how to talk by talking about how long they have traveled for or how many counties it to have been as if traveling is a competition. "They have been in 20 countries?" "Ohh, I have also been to 37!" Or listen to "You really do not know the country X, because you type Y." Comments skipped like that younger travelers feel bad about their own experience that come to me and say that a top about my life or other trips I know relieve some of their complacency makes, because it, what activities did you not matter, or if you have been to 4, 19 or 150 countries -. every journey is its own, and all the same

The Herd Mentality

dorm rooms in a hostel
I wanted to be a backpacker, because it embodies and discovering a spirit of adventure. They were to see the world, you discover to make its hidden secrets and new locals. It turned out, which is often not the case. More often than not, today Backpacker follow the same well-designed itinerary that thousands have entered before them. Just follow the pack. Yes, popular places are popular for a reason and I would never, for example, recommends skipping Thailand, Paris, or Costa Rica, only because there are other tourists there. But good Lord, be a bit more curious and somewhere wander randomly. Only one time.

always being "on"

dorm rooms in a hostel
Sometimes I do not want to speak for anyone easily. Sometimes, I just want to read my book and stay in catching up on True Blood. But then I am the anti-social guy in the hostel and the people look at me differently. I hate how you always seem to be friendly and optimistic. People are social beings, but it is also good to have some time alone to decompress and relax. To be always, is easy to mentally exhausting for me, especially when the same questions are asked every day. (See above!)


dorm rooms in a hostel
I said to have more farewells in the past 5 years, as a human being ever should. And despite changes in technology and social media, you know that emails will slowly fade despite the best intentions. Life goes on and people go their own way. Sure, you will have this great moment in time together, but the more you travel, the more you recognize the hard truth that you never could see this person. And the more you hate to say goodbye.

The Quick Romantic relationships

dorm rooms in a hostel
meet people, let people. It's a sad cycle which means that unless you really like to start someone be divided. It's really hard to have a long-term stable relationship on the road. They are together, while on the go, but then the people go to the left, while to the right. And then, as quickly as it began, it is over. It's hard to start over and to stop feelings and since you never really get closure often never really "break". The road is a series of short relationships and can be very tiring.

backpack Flags

dorm rooms in a hostel
One can say there is a way to remember where you have gone, but what it really does is allow people know how great you are to have been so many places. It's all part of "who is the experienced traveler" one-upmanship that happened in hostels. And it annoys me. A lot of. Have photos, recollections and passport stamps to remember where you have been. I doubt your pocket really cares. Let us call a spade a spade. Sewing flags of each country you was only a way to show the world that you are well traveled

Dirty kitchens

dorm rooms in a hostel
Despite all the signs that people say, clean her, she never will. Why? It's not their kitchen, and they will leave soon. Someone else will do it. I hate hostel kitchens for this reason really, and it's why I never cook in them. I did not travel around the world to clean up your. Do it yourself! What are you, 9? Your mother is not here, when to clean up and it is imprudent to leave a dirty kitchen for the next person.

Missing the Gym

dorm rooms in a hostel
I like to work out. Traveling makes me unhealthy and fat, and I do not like. It's hard to keep a healthy lifestyle on the road, and I wish I had the chance to go to the gym and train more often.

Sex in Dorm Rooms

dorm rooms in a hostel
I do not want to hear sex. Ever. Go get your own room. We do not believe her moans of pleasure, and we do not want to see your white ass. For the price of two dorm beds, you can get a private room in almost any location in the world. And if it does not cost more, it is not so much. Get some privacy, have better sex, and let everyone else is sleeping.

Do not take this to mean that I really hate backpacking. Most days, I love this kind of travel and I love backpacking. It is fun, social, and you get to meet amazing people. But sometimes the little things just grind your gears, which is most common when people are rude and inconsiderate. Backpacking is a great lifestyle and how each life has its ups and downs. I'm just lucky that it has more ups than downs.

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