Fat and do something about it

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Fat and do something about it - I like to think myself as a healthy person. I'm not overweight, I stay in shape, I like the gym, and I eat properly. Or at least, I I like all of these things to think about doing.
The truth is that long term travel can be a rather unhealthy activity. Long days, long nights, little sleep, very little practice, a good deal of alcohol and unhealthy food.
It is not to say that if you are a long-term traveler, you are going to be unhealthy. No. I know some people who do a daily run, push-ups, and eat nothing but healthy meals every day. But it is to keep a lot of work, on the way up, because it is much more distractions get in the way. Take long nights in the pub, you do your morning run harder. Doing push-ups in a huge dormitory is a bit socially awkward. And if you are traveling on a budget, eating healthy meals Super taxing all the time on your budget.
then throw in a certain laziness, and you have a recipe for some serious wear and tear on your body at the top.
Which is why I think I'm fat forever.
I where I am not to buy two seats on a plane, but I can definitely say that I gain weight. And not the good muscle mass but the bad, trans-fat, French-fried kind.
Back home, I am a gym junkie. I work about five times a week, I eat healthy, and I cook most of my own meals. I love it to stay in good shape and feeling.
But on the road? Forget it. I eat a lot of fat hamburgers, French fries and pasta and drinking too many sodas. The last time I did push-ups? Um, I can not remember. I can not remember, I have a good night's sleep either that. Thanks to a combination of bedroom, uncomfortable beds and an overactive mind the last time I drink too much (there is always someone first or last night in a hostel). I need more salad in my life. I should also eat more fruits and vegetables.
And so, inspired by Steve Kamb Nerd Fitness and remain in his book on the form during the trip, I will henceforth be healthier.
I have always prided myself on a healthy life, but on the street, I seem my views at the airport to check and only once in a while give them weak lip service. But look for growing in my belly, I'll be healthy to start. Not tomorrow, but today
I'm going to do a number of things in order to stay healthy.
If you have a bag, you have a gym ace. my friend put it, if you have a bag, you have made a job. You can the weight of the bag to use as a dumbbell. You can raise a bicep curl to do, lift it over your head for a shoulder training, bench press do dead lifts. It is a perfect, all-purpose weight.
push-ups. I'll do push-ups every other day to keep my upper body strong and my stamina. They are a quick and easy way to stay in shape. I have some today. I'll embarrass me not tell you how little I could do from you.
Daily Juice. Travel may charge a bit on the body. There you can wear down. Since I do not have with me vitamins, I'm going to make my juice receiving up that I need a good daily dose of nutrients my body.
Moderate drinking. I cut back on how often I drink alcohol. I am old. not recover my body as it did when I was 20 years old, and I do not know how to sleep through most of my days. It's hard to be this guy who says: "I will stay in" when all your friends are going out and they want to join you, but I'm going to have that guy to be more often. (Added bonus: I'm going to save money for a ton!)
sleeping. I'll try to recover my sleep schedule. Eight hours a night, no longer remain as often until dawn, trying to sleep at a normal time. I had a good sleep a few nights ago, and I felt like a new person. I want more feeling.
Eat healthy. Enough burgers, fries and pizza. Time to eat more salads, lean meats, rice, vegetables overall, just more healthy foods. It's easy when you fast, cheap meal, get to save money traveling. But while a good way to keep costs down, it is also a good way to keep your waistline, as cheap food not is usually healthy food. This is the biggest change that I'm going to do.
time alone. I think I need more rest alone time to recharge my batteries. Travel can be a very stimulating experience, and there are always meeting people and places to go. But sometimes, you just have some relaxing time alone to decompress and to have. I do not really enough. I have probably some I have not had time, since I was in Norway. Next week I'm staying to Sofia heading with a friend for a week and just relax.
I always tell people when it comes to traveling, the more excuses you make, the less likely it will be that you actually go. But here I am, trying excuses to stay healthy.
So today I'm going to stop making excuses. Enough is enough. Time to be healthy again. I like that the lifestyle so much more than what I have now.
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