My 2015 group trips: Two trips to Europe

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My 2015 group trips: Two trips to Europe -

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At the end of 2013 I began leading group travel. I have four previously done and enjoyed it really. I like meeting readers to suspend other travel style and among them to some of my favorite places in Europe. I want others to fall in love with the places that made me love travel so much

This year I will offer two short trips in the fall. A to Paris, Amsterdam and Prague and Vienna. (You can view the details, see below.)

If you are looking to travel with like-minded people, this tour is for you. The people on my tours are fast friends and stay in touch long after the tour ends. I know Tours can not be the normal topic on the blog, but if you are looking to travel for the first time, or are a seasoned traveler and are looking to travel with someone who knows these objectives well, my tours are for you. I run for small groups, so we can have an intimate and friendly environment.

I take you to the best sights, restaurants, bars, and off-the-beaten path attractions at each destination. I have spent much time in any place and know the places you will not find in any travel guide. It is true that these tours are more expensive than solos, but you will get from these tours way to get more value than you would if you tried to do this alone.

to Europe To come with me to some wonderful people to see amazing sights meet, eat good food and have fun

Below is more information on the two tours will and how to book it:

Nomadic Matt Prague and Vienna tour

nomadic matt 2014 central europe tour budapest
length: 9 days
number of people: up to 12
dates: September 5 -13, 2015

Day 1 - Prague

  • arrival
  • Welcome meeting and dinner

day 2 - Prague

  • Historical tour of the city (out of me)
  • visit to the Prague Castle (admission included)
  • Optional group dinner

day 3 - Prague

  • half-day excursion to the famous Bone Church in Kutna Hora
  • Discover Prague on your own
  • Optional group dinner

day 4 - exploring Prague

  • Free day one of the most beautiful cities in the world
  • Optional group dinner

day 5 - Vienna

  • train to Vienna
  • group dinner for traditional Wienerschnitzel

day 6 - Vienna

  • Historical tour of Vienna
  • Optional group dinner

day 7 - Vienna

  • Free time to explore the city 19,459,008
  • Optional group dinner

[] day 8 - Vienna

  • Bike excursion into the countryside to see the vineyards
  • final group dinner

day 9 - Vienna

  • departure day! (Although I'm all day to hang around!)

price : $ 1.350


Nomadic Matt Paris and Amsterdam tour

nomadic matt 2014 western europe tour paris
length: 9 days
number of people: up to 12
dates: 03-11 October 2015

day 1 - Paris

  • meeting in Paris arrival
  • Welcome and dinner

day 2 - Paris

  • Historical tour of Paris
  • Free afternoon museums
  • Optional group dinner

to see day 3 - Paris

  • day trip to the Palace of Versailles (with guide)
  • Optional group dinner

day 4 - Paris

  • morning food tour through the Paris markets
  • Afternoon Leisure Paris
  • evening show optional in a cabaret [zuerkunden
  • group dinner

day 5 - Paris

  • Discover Paris at your own pace (optional visit to the catacombs of Paris and Pere Lachaise cemetery with me )
  • Optional group dinner

day 6 - Amsterdam

  • morning train to Amsterdam [1945012Amsterdam [1945004-]
  • to explore Historic tour of the city
  • Leisure
  • Optional group dinner

day 7 [

  • breakfast in my favorite Dutch pancakes location
  • Canal tour though the city
  • Optional group dinner

day 8 - Amsterdam

  • Free day Amsterdam
  • final group dinner

to explore day 9 - Amsterdam

  • departure day! (Although I'm all day to hang around!)

Price: $ 1,550


What in all the tours?

  • All accommodations
  • activities listed
  • Guided walks
  • intercity transport
  • is contained
  • Local city traffic when they as a group
  • group meals listed above
  • For the Paris / Amsterdam tour, a Paris Museum pass

Tourism What is not included in all tours ?

  • International flights
  • Applicable visa fees
  • outside that foods listed above
  • alcohol
  • Souvenirs
  • anything not listed

Note: As the months go, I will work with various local operators and manufacturers even more activities to fill!


Can I do a payment plan and pay in installments?
Yes, you can! We can work something specific to your needs. Please send me an email to [email protected] and we can talk. I can be flexible.

These tours seem cost much. Why this price?
These are not cost backpacking tours and more and more, as a solo traveling. I make a great effort to pack a variety of activities and meals in these tours - I'll take to my favorite attractions restaurants and bars - and hence the price. If you want to make it cheaper to do it solo, the way to go. If you want it to do with me, I think that offer tours great value for your money. You get a lot for your money

What kind of room we are staying in staying
We are in dormitories :? Men in one room, women in another. If you are traveling as a couple, you can get together a private room. In addition, the hostels will we stay in all have elevators.

What if I want a single room?
If you want your own room, which is possible, but you need to be extra pay. The cost will vary depending on what you want specifically. Please contact me.

If asked international flights are available?
No, you are responsible for your own flight to and from the tour.

I Will need travel insurance?
Yes, all guests will need travel insurance for the duration of the trip. I will ask for proof before departure. If you do not have it, you will not be able to come.

Is there an age restriction?
You must be 18 years old or older.

Do I have to fill any release forms?
Yes, you will also fill out and sign me and the tour in connection from any liability Nomadic Matt Tours released a liability waiver required.

What if I change my mind? What is your refund policy?
I'm going to cry, but understand. change plans. The refund policy is as follows: If you cancel 0 days before departure, you will get 100% of your money back. If you. 0-60 days before departure to cancel a 50% refund If you cancel between 60 and 30 days before departure, a 25% refund. Cancelation within 30 days results in a 0% refund.

I Will not have time for me?
Of course! I hate tours, book every minute of the day. While we will be busy, there is also plenty of time for you, on your own to explore! Travel is about adventure and discovery, and I push to go on my trips and explore on your own!

What is Visa?
If you need a visa to travel to Europe, you will find that in advance must obtain at his own expense.

How many points can I buy at a time?
Reservations on the tour are a maximum of 2 limited per person a chance to make sure to go all the questions!

I will have. Can I contact you?
Of course! My email is [email protected] .

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