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After I left Salisbury, I went to Cornwall west, the west you go in England most. The district is filled with farms, small towns (I stayed in Lostwithiel population 3000) and small fishing villages.

Visiting - beautiful Cornwall region of England
Cornwall is usually referred to as a backwater of England and its inhabitants as rubes. His picture in England is like that of Kentucky or Tennessee in America. And just like there, the cliché is anything but true.
This simple lifestyle is what Cornwall is its charms and is one of the reasons why it has been the best place I have seen in England. I would have spent the whole summer here easily.
Life in the East near London is busy. People on the street rarely see each other, it's all business, and everyone is rushing somewhere. Keep your head down and go on your own way. In Cornwall, everyone was friendly, life was slower, the children could remain outside at night, and there is an abundance of outdoor activities. Although this difference of any rural / city comparison in the world could be said, certainly the analogy applies here and is why so many couples and families who move here from the Big Smoke.
was here I visited out my friends Matt and Kat. I had met while traveling Vietnam. They were cycling around Southeast Asia, and I took the lighter train / bus route. We met occasionally and even cycled the Mekong Delta together, although that proved a disaster. When I told them that I come to England, they were happy to have me and were great hosts who showed me tirelessly had to offer all Cornwall.
boats in cornwall
Cornwall, as it off, is very similar to New England. there On my first night, we went to this restaurant on the river for dinner. I had fish and chips (the best I ever had been), and a couple of their friends came and we spent the night away in the chat. The restaurant was located dotted with small sailing boats on a river bank. Overlooking the river, I felt like in the Hudson Valley in New York was only the accents of the locals are giving away the location.
This feeling stayed with me during my time in Cornwall.
The next day we woke up early (at 9:00 am) and led to the Camel Trail. The Camel Trail is a 12-mile bike path from Bodmin to the small coastal town of Padstow. The trail along the Camel River through forests, estuaries and finally along the coast. It was a nice, easy ride, even if at the end of the trip I was a little tired because I'm pretty out of shape. Biking along, we stopped at the Camel Valley Vineyards, one of the few wineries in England to actually make something drinkable. Although I do not like their wines, their white wine was delicious.
Cornwall England countryside
From the hill, are on it, you can see the surrounding fields. Farms line the rolling hills and cows and sheep can be seen for miles. The hilly area reminded me of Vermont with its farms, wineries and dairy producers.
After a while we ended up in Padstow, and I felt like I had returned home. All around me people were in the marina, sitting on fried fish snacking and French fries as the seagulls circled for their meal waiting. Tourists flooded in and out of the restaurants and children snacked on ice and fudge. Candy Stores sells candy and toffee lined the streets and adults sat outside with a beer. sailed in the Water, wakeboarded or swimming, are directed to the sea while some boats.
Yes, I had returned home rock, or Gloucester, or the fishing villages of Maine, where the locals go to the summer to escape the city. I can remember as a child to places like this many trips.
boats in Mevagissey Harbour
We spent the lunch time there, and digest after eating, went back home, but not to get grip on the winery before up a few bottles of their white. That night, a barbecue broke out among the locals in the city center. kept family shows up, and before you knew it, it seemed like half of the children in the city were power play while the parents kept a watchful eye. It was a real, friendly, small-town atmosphere, and it's part of the reason my friends in love with the place. Again, it was like being in New England. Everything about New England, small towns have a similar close and intimate atmosphere. Everyone knows your name.
Maybe I enjoyed my time there because it reminds me of New England. Then again, I've always had a preference for nature, and although I am a city guy, I could easily spend a few months to enjoy the country, with all the bike paths, rivers, forests, fishing villages, and impromptu barbecues.
Yes, Cornwall is a beautiful place, and if you ever had a New England feel to receive in Old England, I suggest a trip to Cornwall
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